Bridgwater Bushi Karate Club

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Tel: 07885536980

Tel: 07885536980

Established 1983

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About Us

The club is in it s 35th year  this year and we have had the pleasure of training thousands of students young and old during this time. We teach a traditional syllabus for belt grading purposes but we also incorporate many other martial arts in to the training. Training consists of basics and combinations of techniques followed by traditional partner work which leads to actual sparring. Kata or set forms are also practiced as this is one of the key areas of Karate. Throughout the year we host many seminars and events inviting the top martial arts instructors from all over the country to teach at our Dojo.

We have links to the International Wado Federation: please see the links page for more details.


Thre are currently around 45 members training with a fairly even split between ages and gender.

The training sessions are mixed and geared towards grade rather than age. The juniors are expected to do the same as the senior students and apart from the 6 to 8 year students who have some of the more technical techniques removed, the grade syllabus is exactly the same for all.


Without any additional funding or grants we have achieved what most people in professional sports clubs never managed; we constantly raise the esteem of the young and old.


We are proud that our club is friendly and welcoming which will make the first step in to martial arts that little bit easier.