Bridgwater Bushi Karate Club

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Tel: 07885536980

Tel: 07885536980

Established 1983

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New Beginners Information Page

Welcome to Bridgwater Bushi Karate Club.

You have just made the first step to training with us at Bushi Karate Club. Please read the following list before attending your first class.


•Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your first session.


•Take care of your personal hygiene prior to training.


•Wear tracksuit bottoms and round neck t-shirt (no shorts).


•Finger and toe nails should be short.


•Jewellery should not be worn when training.


•Parents of children under 18yrs must attend the first two full lessons.


•Bring a non-fizzy drink and a small towel.


•Most importantly, Enjoy your training!


•Please note that Victoria Park Community Centre is open to the public and therefore all students must report to the main   training hall upon arrival.  


•Parents must collect children from inside the Centre and inform an instructor.