Bushi Wado Ryu Events Page

Kobujutsu Course with Sensei Glen Frame. Sun 10th November 2019


This course is open to any member of the RKABG and will be covering the 

4th and 3rd Kyu Sylabus.
10am to 1pm. £20
Location: Puriton Village Hall, TA7 8BP

Wado Ryu Kumite Gata seminar with Gary Swift Hanshi. 1st September 2019


Sunday 1st September 10am to 1pm

Victoria Park Community Centre, Victoria Park Drive, Bridgwater TA6 7AS

Hanshi Gary Swift will be covering traditional Kumite Gata. (Advance Pair works)

There are limited places and for Brown Belt upwards only. For Bushi Members there will be an additional £5 mat fee. £15 for non-members payable on the day.

Contact Sensei Andrew Daly to reserve you place. 

Gary Swift Hanshi Suparinpei Kata Course. 27th October 2019


Hosted by Bridgwater Bushi Karate Club

Location: Victoria Park Community Centre, Bridgwater TA6 7AS

Date: Sunday 27th October 2019

Time: 10:30 to 1pm

Cost £20 non Bushi Karate Club Members

This course is only open to Dan Grades and space is limited.

Next Grade Date Sunday 3rd November 2019


All Grades start at 9am!

Bring your license and grade fee.

Sunday 3rd November 2019

Sunday 2nd February 2020

Sunday 3rd May 2020

Sunday 2nd August 2020

Sunday  1st November 2020

Gary Swift Hanshi - Suparinpei Kata Course 2nd November 2019.


This course is hosted by Sensei Jim Rendell (pictured above) at his Hakuba Karate-Dojo.  

Venue: Ellendune Community Centre, Barrett Way, Wroughton Swindon, Wiltshire. SN4 9LW 10:30 to 1:30pm £15 each pre-booked only! 

Sensei Andrew Gratton Kumite Course 8th September 2019 10am to 12


This session is for all Bushi Karate Club members. This will be a two hour session from 10 to 12pm. This will give every student the chance to try their skills agasint their sensei..