Some of the common questions answered here.

What ages do we teach?

We start from Age 6 upwards. We currently have mixed classes of age and gender. Although beginners only do an hour to start with.


What times do we train?

You can train in any session; Tuesdays and Fridays 6 to 7:30 or Sunday mornings 10 to 11:30 

How much does it cost?

You have a free taster session to see if like it. This gives you a chance to ask questions, talk to club members and see how we work. No obligation and no hard sell.

If you decide to join there is an annual club membership fee of £15 which is your insurance and covers administration costs. Your first month training fees are free. You decide when to pay, but all payments must be through the bank by standing order.  Standing orders can be cancelled at any time by you. You are not tied to any contract.

Training once a week £20 per month (Single person)

Training every session £35 per month (Single person)

Training every session £45 per month (2 family members)

Training every session £60 per month (3 Family members)

What equipment do I need?

To start with just a round neck t-shirt and track suit bottoms will be fine. Suits are sold by height and weight. We have several trade accounts and only buy good quality suits.  Example costs below from our suppliers and

Height                120 to 140CM              150 to 160CM              160 to 170cm                180-190CM

Lightweight                £10                                       £15                                    £15                                    £20

Heavyweight             n/a                                        £20                                    £25                                    £30+

A complete set of sparring equipment costs around £30 but is not essential for the first couple of months training. Gumshields are mandatory but we recommend buying a decent one from your local sports supplier. Children’s gumshields should be replaced regularly with advice from your dentist.

What if I have a medical condition, will that be a problem?

You are not obliged to tell us of any medical condition, however, we ask that you contact your Doctor and take their advice if you are unsure. Any information supplied to us is strictly confidential and would only be used should you become unwell during a session.

What about my age and fitness, will this be a problem?

Age and fitness are considered during your coaching. We expect you to push yourself during the sessions and your fitness, flexibility and confidence will grow rapidly.